What makes The Yanshi Planner special compared to other planners?
*The Yanshi Planner is unlike any other. It is your own self-help, motivational, personal development, accountability guide, planner life book made to help you to remind yourself "I got this!" no matter what, guide you to having a firm grasp on your own life, and being confident about yourself and your purpose.
*All Yanshi Planners are meticulously crafted using only the finest quality leather material, premium card stock, and fine craftsmanship. You will feel and experience the quality of the planners in it's content and in the product itself. 
*The Yanshi Planners will take you on a journey. You will come to understand who you really are, what you really want, and the paths to get you to the success you are meant for. You will learn to truly live through every step of the journey. Find little hidden treasures and inspirational challenges and reflection guides throughout the planner to keep you excited and motivated on your path to a life full of meaning, purpose and gratitude.

What types of planners do you offer?
The Yanshi Planner collection is comprised of four essential planners- they are the most crucial to achieving a beautiful life, and finding harmony and happiness in our life. 
1. Health & Wellness Planner
2. Wealth & Budget Planner
3. Time Management and Relationships Planner
4. Life Dreams, Goals, Vision, & Success Daily Productivity Planner
Each planner is sold separately or together in a bundle.

What colors do you offer? And when will you restock the limited editions?
Yanshi Planners come in 2 different designs: Our "elegant classic" and our "limited edition" design. And 5 different colors to choose from: Black, Blue, Gray, Brown, and Beige. We do not restock any of our planners until the following year. Once a color or design is sold out, it is not available until another year.

When will I receive my order?
Every year, all pre-orders get priority and begin to ship out beginning December 1st, in the order the orders are received. All other orders purchased outside of our pre-ordering period will ship out the same or next day. Shipping can take up to 3 business days. We recommend ordering early to allow yourself (or those you are gifting to) to flip through the planner prior to the new year to get the full feel of what to expect and start thinking and dreaming big!

Do you have a mid-year planner?
No. All Yanshi Planners are dated for an entire year January-December. Yanshi Planners print only once a year. Once planners are sold out, that is it, we don't print again until the following year. We recommend you to pre-order your Yanshi Planner ahead of time to ensure you get the color and cover design you want, and so that you can make the most out of your planner for the whole year.

Will there be other sizes or options in the future?
Yes! We aim to provide other variations as well as options for younger age groups. If you have suggestions, we welcome your feedback! Please write in and let us know what you'd love to see for the future of Yanshi!

Will you offer more Yanshi products?
While we have some Yanshi merch, there are many more ideas in the works! We are excited to offer an array of Yanshi products, so that people can be proudly reminded that they are designing their lives and creating their legacy on their own terms.