A Page, A Canvas, A Blank Slate Becomes Beautiful

As we grow through the years, we come to find that we are the ones with the pen and the paintbrush in our hands, the ones with the capacity to design our lives.

Life throws things at us, sometimes it's gently, sometimes not so much. But it is within those moments that our story is written, our picture is drawn. It doesn't matter what aspect of creation or art you want to apply to it, there is a beautiful truth in that we are the creators of our journey.

Within each moment and each decision, we add a piece to our own legacy. Sometimes it's a minor detail. Other times it's a life altering impact. But much of it is based on our decisions, how we choose to react, to interpret, continue on, and expand.

A builder will lay the grounds for their life from the base up.

A writer will create their story, with an outline and a vision.

An artist will draw and paint with the colors of the moment.

A dreamer will put the pieces together bit by bit, until it's so vivid and real they unveil the means to design it.

Regardless of the path we choose, the medium we utilize, our lives are something we build, create, draw, and design...

We begin innocent and unknowing.

Over the years we develop our story. Some based on our experiences, some the way we interpret them. Some based on the choices we make, or the opportunities we seize, the ones we pass on, the times we go above and beyond for others and for ourselves.

Each is a piece of the puzzle that comes together, with the potential to be beautiful.

We are all creators, capable if we are willing and successful if we are determined.

It is never too late to create. Each breath is a new beginning, a new chance to add beauty to your life and to the world.

Sometimes adversity hits, but that is where we shift to move with the tide as we learn and grow the most.


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