Gratitude & Thanks

We are approaching the time of year where people are oftentimes most grateful. The “holiday season” encourages us to recognize and show appreciation for all that we are grateful and thankful for. 

But what about the rest of the year? 

How often do we take for granted those same things we are so appreciative of during the holidays? 

Our families, our jobs, friendships, memories, homes, faith, and belongings. Or even a comfortable favorite chair, a particular special talent, an opportunity presented to you… they all deserve gratitude and thanks, no matter what time of year, and even when things get difficult. 

The gratitude and thankfulness can help us through those tough times, and it’s often when it’s needed most. 

Gratitude gives us a mindset shift that can protect us from needless worry, stress, and sadness. 

It’s an actual way to turn a frown upside down. 

If we take the time to look around and focus on all the things we are grateful for, the list may end up much longer than we first anticipated. Those small things that we notice ever so momentarily, “This pen writes so smoothly,” or “I’m so glad to have my favorite meal tonight.” 

Those feelings of gratitude often dissipate quickly.

What if we collect them instead of letting them pass?

People often say to save your coins, it adds up.

What if you keep hold of all those moments of gratitude? What will they add up to?

Rather than feeling gratitude and thankfulness on certain days or random times over the course of the year, what if we acknowledge it each day… each moment we see something that we are happy to have, glad to have experienced, a person we are honored to know, or a dream we are proud to be acting on…

An incredible characteristic of the human mind is having the ability to shift our focus. If we focus on the good, the gratitude and the thankfulness as much as possible, we can welcome in so much more to be appreciative of. 

It’s not just a momentary thought or a fleeting realization. 

It’s a lifestyle, it’s daily, and it’s a way to enjoy life to the greatest capacity imaginable. 


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