2020 is probably not what we envisioned. Let’s flip the script!

Many people had grand expectations for 2020. We had a vast array of ideas as we anticipated all that 2020 would bring, visualizing what this new decade would have in store for us. We painted this incredible picture in our mind, seeing us reach greater heights than ever before. 

None of these great visions involved a pandemic. Yet, it stopped many in their tracks and some it caused to change direction completely. We’ve had different responses to it, but it’s affected everyone in some way. It gave so many people an opportunity to show their best or worst selves, choose how to respond to the situations, and realize who and what is more important It also threw an extra curveball into the mix. It forced us to change our way of thinking and acting. Many are re-evaluating… finding new ventures… closing a door on yesterday and recreating their vision of the future.  

This is a chance to pull together mentally and emotionally. While we may have more physical distance than we used to, or than we would like, we are given the ability to band together in new ways, together creating a new normal… one that we can learn to understand, accept, and thrive in.

It’s a time to look at things from a fresh, new perspective. We are growing together, learning together, changing together.

It may not be easy, but we can see the good things even in a hard situation. 

There is still time to make 2020 a year of growth and positive change. There are nearly 2 months of time that we can make decisions, take action and set ourselves up for success. 

2021 will be here in the blink of an eye, but we don’t have to wait for it to start making things better. 

We can live for now, yet plan ahead. 

It’s a simple concept to grasp, sometimes more difficult to follow through with. Yet, it can be achieved if you want it. What it really takes is the true desire and effort. 

Of course we cannot rewrite yesterday, but we can flip the script NOW. We can adjust the way we view the situations, alter the way we respond, and make a conscious effort to see the best in every day and find the ways to thrive, now and moving forward.


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