Without A Plan, Where Are You Going?

As a new year begins there is often an intention to say goodbye to the past, start anew, make this year better than all proceeding it.

We often have a New Year’s Resolution to quit something, or start something, or change something.

We may have a particular “word” that defines our intention for that upcoming year. A word/feeling/decision that we will prioritize. 

The commitment is wonderful, when we stick with it.

Unfortunately, many resolutions and words are released and forgotten by February or March.

It takes more than choosing a resolution or a word. 

It takes a plan. Action steps. Milestones.

Those milestones, they are your rocks. Collect them, one by one. 

It’s not enough to have a dream. Dreams are a wonderful and beautiful starting place. Then you need to take the next step. You need to have a plan, a path, and many goals on the journey to your ultimate goals. 

If you envision yourself going on a trip- you know your starting place and you know the destination you are seeking to go. 

Do you have an itinerary? A road map? A backup plan? 

Road trips and life aren’t always a smooth ride, but a plan helps keep us on course.

There may be detours, rough roads and traffic holding us up, but they are all part of the process. They give us experience, teach us lessons, and create memories from which we grow. 

When we are young, we may get a thrill from driving with no particular destination. Yet, as we come to know ourselves and our dreams of the future, we realize there is in fact a destination in mind, whether it’s a physical place, an occupation, a way of being, or a state of mind.

Once you have a dream, you can create a vision. Then, you need a plan. 

Know that it will change and show yourself grace when it does. Find your way back on track and you will get where you are going.

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