Control - Within and Beyond

Is there any way to be fully in control of your life? It depends on how you interpret the question. What IS "your life?"

Is it the circumstances and scenarios you come in contact with each day?

Or is it the way you react and interpret the events and situations along the course of your journey?

As humans, many of us frequently feel as though our control is slipping away, our power over our destiny or even our daily lives tends to falter and wither, especially during challenging times. So we grasp at straws, looking for one way or another to indulge in a sense of order, organization, and control, even if it's fleeting.

Within stacks of post it notes, to-do lists, piles of bills and receipts, there are the beautiful moments where the optimistic and positive thoughts cross our mind, "I think things are coming together." Perhaps it's "Everything will be okay." Maybe "I can do this!" For some it's a hope, some a dream, and others a goal. Regardless, it's a comforting feeling that gives us a sense of peace in that moment, even when life seems crazy.

All too often, people are reluctant to admit that they feel like things are out of their control so they fight an internal battle, riding a continuous wave, rarely ever planting their feet on the shore.

Making the conscious choice to focus on the beautiful, peaceful, and uplifting moments can be the first step in regaining that control.

In order to grasp control of our lives we must control our thoughts and actions.

Recognize what you can or cannot change. So much time is spent wanting to change the past, or a decision we made, or something that took place which is no effect of anything we have or could have said or done. Look at your life from different angles, recognize what choices are yours to make, and make them.

Realize the necessary steps you must take. Regaining control comes from within. It's a process that can allow you to go beyond your wildest dreams.

Actively strive without excuses. Some try to mask their excuses by calling them "reasons." Whether it's an excuse or a reason, once you know what you need to do, do not allow fear or doubt to cause hesitation. Gain the momentum and hold onto it tightly.

Feeling in control from within and beyond requires balance in life. It's actively learning and growing in the different aspects of life that make you YOU.

It's with that momentum and mindset that we create and control our lives and destiny.


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