The Beauty and Power of Kindness

Kindness is one of those things that so many believe in, and most will agree that the world needs more of it.

It comes in all forms. The simplest gesture can make a person smile or an action can be so great it changes lives, right?

What about the simple gestures that change lives, or the great actions that bring upon a genuine smile when it's needed most.

Kindness is something special in itself, for it doesn't need to be on a scale, it doesn't need to be analyzed or measured. It doesn't necessarily need to be planned. It doesn't even always need to be recognized.

It just needs to be. Pure and simple. It needs to exist.

Kindness is so much more than a grateful moment in time, such as the act of holding a door open for another. Perhaps that person you held it for holds it for the next person. It can continue on, a beautiful and lasting ripple effect. One moment of kindness and gratitude can lead to millions.

It's the pay it forward in the drive thru line, or the encouraging words that bring the sparkle back into a child's eyes, a compliment to a friend that they really needed to hear, or a smile for a stranger.

It is recognizing that it's not only about us. It's so much greater than the kind acts that we take notice of and bigger than we can see.

Showing kindness is a choice. It's a decision that we each get to make in our own lives every single day. It's how we show up for others, and even how we show up for ourselves. Being kind to ourselves each day - forgiving our faults and mistakes just as we forgive others, speaking encouragement to our own mind and heart, and taking care of ourselves helps to help others.

Each act of kindness has the ability to make a difference in the world, a helpful change for the future, and everlasting impact.

Take a moment today to be extra kind. See the beauty and the power in it. Allow it to become part of who you are.


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