Accountability - The Key to Momentum

There is a beautiful peace and feeling of accomplishment in doing what we say we will do. Whether we are making a promise to another, or a promise to ourselves.

The follow-through matters even more than the agreement.

The agreement is thoughts and words. It is the very beginning of what may be and what could be.

It is the follow-through that leads us to the milestones, the sense of accomplishment, the opportunity to learn the lessons.

Yet, sometimes we don't follow through. We aren't held responsible and the drive and willingness fade.

So how is one to prevent this?


If you have a goal, tell a friend. If you have a plan, write it down.

If you have a mission, look yourself in the mirror and declare it out loud.

Make yourself accountable for your thoughts, words, actions, and reactions.

Create your deadlines... but call it a timeline. - List the milestones and celebrate the successes as you reach each of those milestones.

Let there be a landing on the "mountain", a lookout point, where you pause to glance back at how far you have come, acknowledge your achievement, marvel at the world around you and take a deep breath of fresh air.

Cross it off your list, journal about it, or tell your accountability partner if you have one.

Then, when you've recognized it and soaked it all in, even momentarily, continue on your journey.

Write out your dreams... but call them a vision. - Know they are achievable. Believe in them and believe in yourself. Create a vision board and list everything you want to achieve in your planner where you can remind yourself on a daily basis.

Hold yourself accountable to take the actionable steps. Whether it's through the determination in your eyes when you look into the mirror, the words you write in your daily planner, or talking with people in a like-minded community, accountability is key.

Even though we have different dreams and goals, unique experiences and gifts, we are all in this together and can help each other push on and upward.

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